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Care Instructions

All our lashes are reusable, here are some ways you can extend the life of your new lashes.

Be gentle: Buy handling your new lashes by the band, preferably using your applicator tool you avoid pulling too hard on the lashes.

Remove adhesive after wear: Be sure to remove any adhesive from your lashes after every use. To do this simply dab a small amount of oil-free makeup remover on the band to loosen the adhesive and then use fingers or tweezers to gently remove the adhesive.

Avoid using makeup directly on your lashes: Do not apply any makeup product including mascara to your lashes. If you wish to apply mascara do so to your natural lashes before applying your extensions.

Storage: While not in use be sure to store your lashes in the box which they came in to avoid damage and dust.

Removal: To remove your lashes apply a small amount of oil free make up remover with a cotton tip directly to the band. This will soften the adhesive making it much easier to remove the lashes without damage to them or your natural lashes.